Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Ah seppuku.

When your body decides to commit hari kári, it really goes all out.
I didn't get to sleep today until after 1pm. At that point, I was sitting at 27 hours without sleep, all because of the pain in my back and right side.
Honestly, the pain in my back wouldn't be so bad to deal with on it's own. I'm no stranger to back pain, even with the sharp, stinging pain I feel regularly on top of the constant hurt, it wouldn't be difficult to manage with it.
However, when you add in the pain under the right side of my ribs, then I have issues dealing. It's really no worse in the front than it is the back, it's basically just the same pain just on the other side of my body, it just seems more intense somehow. Or maybe my body just doesn't want to play anymore and my pain tolerance is lowering.
Apart from labor, I'd have never thought this much pain was possible for someone relatively healthy. I've never been in such bad pain it made me sick, been dizzy and short of breath with it, or have become frozen in place, unable to move because of it. Except for when I was in labor with my son.
It's really kind of amazing in a sick, twisted sort of way how one thing in your body can be virtually fine one day and cause you nothing but hell the next. Literally, that's how it went for me. And you really wouldn't think something like your galbladder would cause it.

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