Thursday, December 8, 2011

Another day in paradise.

Today marked my second day in a row calling in because of this crap.Woo.
Can you tell I'm excited about this?
Unlike a lot of people you get who work retail, I'd rather be at work and feeling good than at home feeling like I'm dying. Especially since for the most part I actually enjoy my job.

Especially on the day of my department's Christmas party/gift exchange.Which I forgot about until a couple of hours ago and just now remembered I have yet to buy the gift for the name I drew.
Okay, well, I guess I'll run to Home Depot before work and get the gift card Peggy wanted, since I am going to attempt going to work tomorrow.Or, rather, today since it's after midnight.

I am actually feeling better this evening. The pain was pretty bad this morning, was making me nauseous and sick still, but has tapered off since then. I was able to pick Robbie up for the first time since Monday morning, which thrilled him. He was very gentle about climbing up into my arms, even sat on my left hip instead of my right, which is his usual spot. He can be such a sweetheart at times. Other times, I fully understand why some animals eat their young.

Dr Perkins' office called today with the formal results of Monday's stomach scope. Everything still looks good. They are sending them over to Dr Carey's office for my appointment Monday morning. Hopefully then he will get surgery scheduled and all this will soon be over.

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